Canon Introduces Family-Friendly Printer Line PIXMA E

Canon Consumer Group head Benny Yu talks about the new PIXMA E Series

International camera and imaging technology firm Canon introduces PIXMA E series, a printer line that reduces functionality and performance into one device.


Canon PIXMA E Series printers on display during the media launch

Pegged as a “family” printer the PIXMA E Series which is priced between P3, 695 and P5,995 is a printer line that can keep up with parents’ imaging needs and kids’ school requirements.

The PIXMA E series which includes E410 (P3,695) E510 (P3,995), PIXMA E470 (P4,395) and the PIXMA E480 (P5,995) is engineered in a manner that enables it to produce impeccable printouts efficiently.

It can print up to 180 colored pages and 400 black and white pages while delivering fine printouts of photos, scrapbooking materials, sketches.

The home printer also works as a scanner, photocopy machine and a fax, making it perfect for families.

It can also print remotely via WiFi.

Canon strengthens the printer line’s connectivity features through an app called Google Print Cloud 1 which gives users the option to print directly from Facebook and similar apps.

Knowing that aftersales services is as important as products Canon developed an app called Canon Red App. The app offers Canon users freebies, rewards and easy access to repairs.

By downloading the app and registering customers will get discounts and service and product loans, , free workshops, camera cleaning and extended warranty of up to two years.

Any purchase of the PIXMA E Series comes with a free black ink refill.



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